Cleaning your dryer vent will:

  • Help your clothes dryer work more efficiently.
  • Can help prevent dangerous vent fires.
  • Eliminates those pesky birds nest that may be in your dryer vent.

Do I need my dryer vent cleaned?

  • Ask yourself, is my dryer taking longer to dry clothes, yet it is still heating. Chances are the dryer is not defective, the vent is clogged with lint, which prevents proper air flow. We can clean this for you.
  • If your dryer is in an interior room, it most likely vents up, which means it will eventually clog with lint. This not only restricts proper air flow, thus making the dryer less effective, it is also a potential fire hazard. We can clean that vent for you.
  • If your dryer is located on an outside wall, chances are you do not need the service, as your dryer most likely vents straight out.

How often should dryer vent be cleaned?

There  is no set time as it depends on usage and lint buildup.  We recommend that you have this done every 12-18 months as a maintenance issue, or when you notice your dryer becoming less effective.

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